IN RESPONSE to the letter asking if local Conservative and Labour councillors have "lost the plot", I would say they have at last listened to the majority of local residents at last instead of the vocal minority of groups such as Sustrans and Bricycles.

I too live between the Old Shoreham Road and Portland Road and I’m neither a motorist nor a cyclist, simply one of the many impacted residents who had no say when the cycle lanes were imposed.

After many months of congestion and pollution on the Old Shoreham Road stretch between Carlton Terrace and Olive Road alongside mostly empty cycle lanes at last some sense.

The recent unfortunate accidents mentioned in Portland Road may be a direct result of traffic using our residential roads to avoid the Old Shoreham Road as I have seen much increased traffic on roads such as Hallyburton Road and Portland Road.

Reverting to the Old Shoreham Road as a main arterial route and looking for better cycle lane routes will support the health and wellbeing of all residents.

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