BRIGHTON and Hove has been named as the UK’s yoga centre capital, according to a recent report.

The Trendiest Towns and Cities Index, compiled by Ocean Finance, found that the city boasts the most yoga centres per square mile - with a whopping 89 across all of Brighton.

The same study placed Brighton as the 10th trendiest town or city in the UK, with Birkenhead in north west England placing first, with Cambridge and Ediburgh taking second and third respectively.

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A spokesperson for the mortgage company said: “Whilst Brighton has long been known for its pebbled beaches, Grade 1 listed pier and, of course, Pride, our index has also uncovered it’s the yoga centre capital of the UK.

“Unexpectedly, this was then followed by Birkenhead, which has 19, and then Watford, which has 16.”

Ocean Finance analysed 50 cities and towns across the UK and ranked them by their number of different “trendy” locations, like independent coffee shops and breweries, per square mile.

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Alongside its yoga centres, the city scored highly for its 94 independent coffee shops and 11 breweries. However, Brighton fell short due its relatively small number of independent cinemas - despite boasting the oldest in the country - and a lack of farmers markets compared to other cities and towns.

On the other end of the scale, Sunderland in north east England was branded the least trendy city or town in the country. London also placed in the bottom ten, unable to compete for trendy activities per square mile.

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