THE city council says it is "very sorry" for missing a bin collection for almost three months that left "maggots, mice and flies" in a block of flats.

Furious resident Claire Stribbling said living in Bowring Way, Brighton, was "unbearable" due to the "disgusting" smell caused by the mound rubbish that had gone uncollected for 11 weeks.

The 38-year-old was unable to open her windows and despite desperate pleas to Brighton and Hove City Council, could not get the rubbish moved.

However, after The Argus contacted the council about the problem, the three-month-old pile of waste was removed the same day and an apology was issued to residents.

A council spokesperson said: “We’re very sorry for missed collections at Bowring Way, the collection was picked up yesterday.

"We are having issues with staffing levels and a lack of parts to fix our vehicles due to the ongoing impact of Covid, which is sadly causing problems on a number of our rounds.

The Argus: Rubbish made the smell 'unbearable' Rubbish made the smell 'unbearable'

"We apologise for this disruption to residents and thank them for their patience with us.

"We’re working hard to get cover and catch up all missed collections as soon as possible.”

Pictures taken from the bin room show the scale of the rubbish piled up over the three month period.

The mound of bin bags can be seen to reach the roof as overflowing waste litters the floor.

Ms Stribbling told The Argus it ruined her quality of home life.

The Argus: Rubbish was piled to the roofRubbish was piled to the roof

She said: "I work from home and for me, I can't open my back windows because it is really hot.

"The smell is disgusting. When I moved in, we had two weeks of seriously hot weather - it was rank.

"Multiple complaints have been lodged but nothing has been done.

"This is an abomination. This is ruining this poor woman and her childrens’ lives.

"I live on the top floor and have flies in my flat and cannot open the back window due to the smell."