TWO loud explosions rocked Seven Dials this afternoon after a truck's tyres burst running over a bollard.

The truck collided with the bell-shaped bollard outside a branch of Small Batch Coffee in Dyke Road, Brighton at around 2pm this afternoon.

Pictures from the scene show broken glass at the cafe above one of the outdoor seating areas.

The Argus: The truck struck a bollard outside the cafe - credit: Michael HuseyinThe truck struck a bollard outside the cafe - credit: Michael Huseyin

Michael Huseyin was working nearby and reported hearing "the loudest bang I've ever heard."

He said: "I initially thought it might be a car exhaust, but it was way too loud.

"It shook the windows and then there was a second one, and I thought it could have been a bomb.

"There were people running toward the Small Batch and there was a big cloud of dust."

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Michael also said that no-one appeared to be injured following the explosion.

Police are now reportedly attending the scene taking statements from witnesses.

Wish ward councillor Robert Nemeth said: "The bell-shaped bollards ultimately exist to protect pedestrians, so it is concerning in the first instance that a vehicle hit one of them.

"I have noticed that various repairs are required on the roundabout so now may be a good time to review some of the more frequent issues that arise. If modifications are required then they should be sorted quickly.”

The roundabout in Seven Dials, near to the scene of the incident, has had repeated roadworks over the last few years.

In 2014, changes were made to a kerb corner after nine months of roadworks, and repairs also took place in 2016 to kerbstones that had broken or come adrift.

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