TODAY we reported on the findings of the UN’s report on climate change.

The report paints a stark picture of the impact humans are having through activities such as burning fossil fuels – and the future the world faces if it fails to rapidly tackle the crisis.

Without a doubt, the findings of the report are frightening and have underlined the need for urgent action to address climate change.

The Argus: Climate strikeClimate strike

Caroline Lucas MP has said we need to act now– and this sentiment is being echoed across the political spectrum.

But as we have seen in recent years, it is not politicians who are leading the call to action, it is an ever-growing number of young people who are determined to turn the tide.

In Brighton, we have seen crowds of young people take to the streets to demand bold action on climate change.

And while protest can be a divisive subject, it is difficult to deny that many of them are passionate and educated about the cause.

In 2019, teenagers gathered in Shoreham for the country’s first Climate Change Summit for young people.

Pupils from Cardinal Newman School in Hove displayed a banner near the West Pier in to remind world leaders of their responsibility to help fight climate change.

The passion of our youth should give us hope meaningful action will be taken before it is too late.

We need to listen to the children who will be most affected by climate change.

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