THE Argus reported on a few of the problems that resulted from the changes made at the busy Seven Dials roundabout a few years ago ("Shock

as lorry hits bollard and tyres explode" Argus, August 6).

Unfortunately, this isn't an isolated case and there are various issues that have resulted from the changes here, that cost more than £1million and were supposed to bring "improvements" to the area.

Your reporter pointed out that the scheme's implementation "caused traffic misery" and it should be pointed out that it also caused nearly a year's disruption and noise for local residents.

The extra public seating, small trees and shrubs were welcomed by most people but some of the other measures were not.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds were spent on removing the safety railings, lighted crossings and associated infrastructure at this busy seven-road junction, despite the fact that two thirds of people wanted them retained and there was also a large petition calling for them to be kept.

Council documents at the time stated that a clear majority of people wanted those safety railings at the corner of the roads and lighted crossings to be kept but the Green Party councillors ignored this.

Now, there are "blind" areas when people cross and can't see the traffic - and the traffic can't see them.

It is particularly difficult for those with children and for some adults who are older or have health conditions.

The central part of the roundabout was also widened enormously which made it difficult for larger vehicles to get around it, causing unnecessary delays, accidents and congestion.

Cobblestones around the roundabout soon became damaged and had to be replaced at great expense whilst the new "bespoke" drains don't actually

drain into the sewerage system so just get blocked up with debris and cause a stench.

Some members of the so-called "consultation group" at that time, including myself, pointed out the impracticality and unfairness of parts of the scheme but we were ignored by the Greens again.

A review of the scheme is needed and is long overdue.

Rob Heale

Chatham Place