WE CAN now see quite a number of new buildings in both Brighton and Hove and Worthing and I have to say that all the ones I’ve seen have improved the areas they are in.

Take for example the students' building in London Road. It is a great improvement on what was there previously.

It’s the same on the site where the Astoria was - the apartments there now are a great improvement and the owners will have no problem selling them.

Moving over to the County Ground in Hove, the block that’s taking shape there would not be out of place in Miami, it's that good.

Moving on to Worthing you can see the 15-storey luxury apartment block - I think it’s much better than the swimming pool that was there.

The developer has moved along the coast and started another project. This time I understand it's an eight-storey luxury apartment block. I could go on as we are living in exciting times.

Ian Steedman

St George’s Road