AT least 4,000 British nationals and eligible Afghans are thought to be in Kabul, Afghanistan, and in need of evacuation.

In a sign of the desperate situation after the Taliban took control of the capital, the British ambassador began helping to process the applications of those hoping to leave.

In a widely circulated video, crowds of Afghans could be seen chasing a US military plan down the runway of Kabul airport.

The Argus: People have been attempting to flee AfghanistanPeople have been attempting to flee Afghanistan

People clung to the wheels and many plunged to their deaths as the plane took to the skies.

These desperate scenes will come to define the most recent events in Afghanistan.

These were vulnerable people risking their lives. Nobody would put themself in such danger unless they absolutely had to.

As Hove MP Peter Kyle said, Afghans will once again have their freedoms to “live, learn, think and love” taken away under Taliban rule.

The UN has already spoken out about its concerns for millions of Afghan women and girls “who are about to lose their freedom”.

Thousands of people will be driven from their homes and a humanitarian emergency is inevitable.

The people of Afghanistan have braved so much and suffered so greatly. We must be kind to each other, while there is still time.

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