Christopher Wysock-Wright (The Argus, January 7) should take a look again at the video footage of Nicholas Soames' quad bike before stating that he doubted that it lacked a number plate. It has been quite clearly filmed from the front and back and there is none visible.

Also, the very young child at the front of the trailer has his mouth level with the metal rim. What would have happened if the vehicle had bumped or braked suddenly?

Mr Soames is not alone in using an illegal quad bike on the hunt.

I am a regular monitor of the Crawley and Horsham hunt and have often seen these vehicles racing along the lanes, usually with terrier men on board.

  • Sue Baumgardt, Stoneham Road, Hove

How much longer are you going to flog the Nicholas Soames story? On January 7, you wasted a whole page on this non-event.

To compare an adult giving a lift to a party of other adults and children in what looks like a fairly responsible manner to the case of a seven-year-old child being allowed to ride a quad bike on a public highway with predictably fatal results is ludicrous.

On the same day there was a call to save our whacky sports and The Argus quoted a spokesman from the Health and Safety Executive saying: "As long as the risks are managed sensibly, our general outlook is that there is no reason for these events not to go ahead."

This is a sensible approach, the sentiment of which I am sure can be applied to Mr Soames.

  • P Robertson, Cromwell Road, Hove