A MEDICAL student heavily disguised himself as a woman before throwing acid in the face of a junior doctor. 

Milad Rouf dressed as a woman to carry out the horrific acid attack on Dr Rym Alaoui on the doorstep of her Brighton flat. 

As he fled the scene, he discarded items of his costume in bins across the city, before buying new clothing from Primark. 

At Lewes Crown Court on Monday, August 16, Milad Rouf pleaded guilty to the attack. 

Rouf, from Cardiff, threw sulphuric acid over Dr Alaoui after knocking on the door of a property in Steine Gardens on May 20. 

The Argus: Dr Rym Alaoui Dr Rym Alaoui

When the victim opened the door, Rouf threw a corrosive substance over her before fleeing the scene. 

Dr Alaoui, who was known to Rouf through their studies, suffered life-changing injuries as a result of the attack. 

Police carried out extensive enquiries following the incident, including examining hours of CCTV footage to follow Rouf’s movements and found he had disguised himself as a woman to carry out the attack. 

After his arrest, a search of his home address in Cardiff found items matching the clothing he bought in Brighton, as well as a hand-written list of the items he included in his disguise. 

He has been remanded in custody for sentencing on October 7. 

Investigating officer Rose Horan said: “This was a premeditated, malicious and harrowing incident, and I’d like to thank the victim for showing such incredible bravery and dignity throughout. She has been inspirational. 

“I would also like to thank the many officers who responded to the incident and the wider community for their huge support in our investigation. We approached and engaged with a wide range of businesses in the city centre and they provided us with hundreds of hours of CCTV. 

“In the end, it was this footage that enabled us to trace Rouf’s movements through the city and build a strong case against him, which has resulted in a guilty plea at court.”