I FULLY agree with the letter from Gavin Muggeridge ( Friday ).

Gavin wrote that the Morrisons chain of stores is giving it’s staff a two day Christmas holiday by closing on Boxing Day as well as Christmas Day.

Quite right too. All the stores should do this, as most of them did last Christmas.

It is not necessary to have stores open 365 days a year. I also hope that the 24 hour opening does not return.

Every one knows that Christmas is 25th and 26th December. That gives people plenty of time to start stocking up on the essentials for the festive season.

In the days following last Christmas, I never read or heard of any one dying from starvation because the stores were closed for 48 hours. There are over 116 days left to do your Christmas shopping, so get organised.

Mrs Christine Luffman

Rotherfield Crescent