I READ the article by Adam Trimingham, "The NHS could and should be doing better job", and have to say it was the most utterly directionless, inflammatory and pointless drivel I have ever read. 

While lightly skimming over the efforts and pressure that staff have been under in the NHS during the last 15 months, he actually chose to focus on points that were frankly incorrect and will only serve to turn the public further against us. For example, he states: "Far too many patients were having to wait months and sometimes years for routine medical procedures which could have been offered speedily in places where the pandemic was weak."

At what point does he suppose the pandemic was weak? I can tell you as a professional working on the front line, we have been constantly busy - not so much with Covid-positive patients, but other long-term complications caused by this virus. 

Does this gentleman think that the whole of the workforce are not committed to all patients and every ailment?

Some of this article was like listening to a rather intoxicated fellow down a local pub, for example, "Some hospital waiting areas are grim beyond belief. Why should patients have to wait in portable waiting rooms for treatment? Why do these buildings so often have broken doors and forbidding notices..." I mean what on earth has this got to do with his original point about how the NHS could be doing a better job? From what I gather here, he seems to be missing the point.

Has he completely forgotten that we are coming out of a national emergency? He might benefit from spending some time with staff in our hospitals, many of us are on our knees with chronic understaffing, low morale and still push through supporting patients, being their advocate and providing care to fellow colleagues. To say that we need to do better is quite honestly heartbreaking.

Do you know that we already get abused by the public every day? It is usually Covid related, sometimes about the vaccine being a hoax, sometimes because we are "killing people because all we care about is Covid". There are also many other reasons. 

Michelle Morgan 

Address supplied