IT TOOK just two days for Brighton and Hove City Council to install the temporary cycle lanes on Old Shoreham Road in 2020 - from the decision being made by the then Labour council on May 9 to the bollards going up on May 11.

It has now been two weeks since the democratic decision to remove the temporary cycle lanes was taken, but nothing has been done to action this and the bollards remain.

We are now told by the council that the work to remove the temporary cycle lanes on Old Shoreham Road will not take place until September 17 at the earliest.

This is a disgrace to democracy and clearly the council and the Greens in particular are not prioritising the work and have put this at the back of the queue.

If it was installed in two days, then there is no reason why it can't be removed in two days.

The residents want to see something is happening. There is no reason why the bollards can't be removed and "void" signs put up to cover the signs. This would take one afternoon's work.

The council needs to get its act together and implement the democratic decision of the council.

Cllr Dawn Barnett