A MOD has been left devastated after his treasured Lambretta was stolen during the annual bank holiday meet-up.

Stuart Browning, 44, was in Brighton for the famous Mod Weekender event, which is hosted every year in Madeira Drive.

But on Saturday evening his beloved red and white scooter was stolen from Brighton Station car park.

It was parked along with many other mod scooters, however, it was the only Lambretta - all the others were Vespas.

Stuart said: "We went out in the evening and as we were walking back to the hotel I noticed my scooter was gone.

"All the others were untouched, which makes me think they were probably targeting Lambrettas.

"They had cut the padlock off and taken it away, I don't know if it was ridden away or put in the back of the van."

Stuart, who has been attending the Mod Weekender for the last ten years, said his scooter has great sentimental value.

The Argus: OVS 762 in 1996 at mums in Swindon (Blue and White - second from left)OVS 762 in 1996 at mums in Swindon (Blue and White - second from left)

He has had it since he was 18 after buying it from a friend's daughter, who was later the maid of honour at his wedding.

Shortly before he got married the scooter was damaged badly in an attempted theft. Stuart's fiancee Meryl and friends secretly restored it and gave it back to him on his wedding day in April 2008.

He said: "It was very special having it back in my life after having it for so long before the damage.

"It holds a lot of sentimental value for a number of reasons, it is irreplaceable and the monetary value is meaningless, its value to me is the memories that I have with it.

"For mods the idea of riding a 60-year-old Italian shopping bike around the country is ridiculous but it is what we do and we love them for it."

Since the scooter was stolen, Stuart has posted on Facebook appealing for information and has received huge support.

His post has been shared over 22,000 times by people from across the world and he has received hundreds of messages from people.

Despite his loss, Stuart, who is from Salisbury, is not angry with the thieves.

He said: "Brighton is a wonderful place, it is vibrant and fun and when stuff like this happens it takes the shine off it.

"I am not angry with them, I try to be a pacifist and I actually feel sorry for the people who have done it.

"I feel sorry for those people because it must be horrible that they have to live their life by bringing sadness to others.

The Argus: Stuart Browning DJ'ing with his Lambretta on his wedding day in 2008Stuart Browning DJ'ing with his Lambretta on his wedding day in 2008

"I hope that their lives improve and that they can do things that make the world a better place rather than a worse one."

Stuart is hoping that people with information about the theft come forward and that he can be reunited with his beloved scooter, whose registration is OVS 762 .

He said: "I assume the scooter has been taken away to be stripped for parts, which is very sad."

British Transport Police are aware of the incident and CCTV is being checked.

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