A MARRIED couple who have lived in Brighton for all their lives are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary today.

Bob and Josie Stepney got married on September 1, 1951, and have lived in the same estate in Bevendean for the last 62 years.

Bob, 87, grew up in Hanover Street in Brighton and describes himself as a “naughty boy”, while "posh girl" Josie, 88, grew up in Hallett Road.

They met at the Regent Ballroom back in 1949 and have been smitten ever since.

The Argus: On their wedding day - September 1, 1951.On their wedding day - September 1, 1951.

Bob told The Argus: “The girls used to go for dances in the Regent Ballroom. The boys wouldn’t dance would they, so we would go on Sunday afternoons to each other’s houses and learn to dance so we could get in and meet the girls at the Regent, and that’s what we did.”

Bob was a hod carrier and once he turned 18, was called up for national service and sent to Germany in 1952 and Korea in 1953. Josie was a dinner lady at Bevendean School.

The Argus: Bob Stepney in the army.Bob Stepney in the army.

He added: “I spent eight months in Germany, then I come home and I was transferred to Korea for a year in 1953.”

Josie said they only saw each other three times during this time.

The couple now have five grandchildren and one great grandchild, something they say they are very proud of. They are celebrating with a tea party this weekend.

The Argus: The happy couple now.The happy couple now.

As for the secret to their long, happy marriage, Bob said: “I don’t know really. I can honestly say we have never argued, which is probably a good thing."

The Argus congratulate Bob and Josie on their remarkable achievement and hope they have a great day.

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