A COUNCILLOR has issued a warning after catching Covid - despite being double vaccinated

North Portslade councillor Peter Atkinson caught the virus earlier this month despite being double jabbed.

He is warning people to not mistake Covid symptoms for the common cold and is pleading for residents to keep wearing masks.

"There are two serious issues here,” said Cllr Atkison.

“People may just ignore the symptoms if they just think it’s a cold and not take a lateral flow test to get a full PCR test.

The Argus:

"This means they could be carrying the virus and pass it on to older vulnerable people, or those that have serious medical problems, without realising it

“As well as this, I know it’s no longer compulsory, but with the possibility of doubly vaccinated people now catching the virus, it’s vital that we show some common sense in crowded areas."

Last week, the city' public health tzar Alistair Hill announced it was "still too early to relax" with cases in Brighton and Hove remaining stubbornly high.

The virus is still most present among young adults and teenagers. However, the number of cases in older people has "risen considerably" and we now have one of the highest case rates in people aged 60 and above in the south east.

Cllr Atkinson added: "If we don’t get on top of this very quickly we’ll be looking at another lockdown this winter”

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Most legal restrictions to control Covid were lifted in July, with pubs, restaurants and live events being given the green light to fully return.

People are no longer being told to work from home and the requirement to wear face coverings in law has been lifted.

However, Cllr Atkinson believes people should remain vigilant by wearing masks on public transport, in shops and at football games.

Speaking of his visit to The Amex for the Albion's clash with Watford, he said: “At half time whilst queuing for a cup of tea I would estimate that only about 10 per cent of fans were wearing masks.

"It’s a football game and everyone is shouting or talking loudly. Any sort of distance between people is impossible.

"There were signs asking people to wear masks but no one was really taking any notice. And then on the coach on the way home the same pattern continued.”

The Albion's website states fans must wear a face covering at all times when moving around inside the stadium. The only exception is when you are eating or drinking or sat in your seat.

It is also strongly recommended you wear your mask in congested external areas, particularly when queuing.

The Argus: Brighton v Man City Amex Stadium 18 May 2021

Albion chief executive Paul Barber has thanked the fans for their continued cooperation and support.

He said: “On the whole our fans have been extremely cooperative with the additional measures the club has introduced this season - and we will continue to encourage fans to wear masks in internal or congested areas. It’s very important fans take responsibility for their own safety, and that of fellow fans, in this regard, and we thank everyone in anticipation of their continued cooperation and support.

“This cooperation and support is absolutely crucial, because the advice we are getting from government and other authorities is that if we are met with increases in transmission in the local area, these measures mean it is far more likely we will be able to keep the stadium open to our supporters and at full capacity. So please continue to work with the club on these new arrangements.

“Looking ahead, we still do not know whether the Government will mandate Covid pass-related checks from October 1, 2021. Neither do we know if they do, whether there will be an option to provide a negative lateral flow test result.

"In the meantime, our aim remains the same: to prepare for every eventuality; to review and refine our planning; to be the best prepared we can be; and, very importantly, to keep our fans and staff as safe as we reasonably can.”