DOLPHINS were spotted by a group of swimmers close to Brighton Palace Pier this morning.

Swimmers from the Brighton Swimming Club were joined by two dolphins near the pier at around 8am.

Lynette Slight, a member of the club from near Elm Grove, said she had never seen dolphins in Brighton before and described it as a “magical morning”.

She said: “It’s so rare to see them that close to shore and have never swam so close to them in the UK.

“My friend, Eileen Remedios, has been swimming here all her life and is moving to Ireland next week after being a member of the club for many years. We said this morning they came to say goodbye.”

Lynette also described hearing noise from the dolphins when watching video of them back later on.

Despite the excitement of them being so close, she said she did find the experience “pretty intimidating”.

“We were aware of them being wild creatures so we kept a safe distance as much as we could to keep them safe too,” she said.

This latest sighting comes just a week after a pod of dolphins were spotted off the coast near Seven Sisters.

Brighton Swimming Club is the oldest of its kind in the UK, founded in 1860.

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