KATIE Price has been pictured with fiancé Carl Woods for the first time since the former glamour model was left bruised in an alleged assault.

The mum of five, who was born in Brighton, sustained a facial injury during the incident in Little Canfield, Essex, on August 23.

A 32-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and held in custody before being released on bail following the altercation.

Now, after revealing the suspected attack left her bruised, Kaite and her husband-to-be Carl Woods have been pictured arriving at her "Mucky Mansion".

Kaite, who has reported to have increased security, was accompanied by a police car, it has been reported.

It comes after her friend Danielle Lloyd claimed the former glamour model will need therapy to get over the alleged attack.

Danielle, 37, told Closer magazine: "It was totally heartbreaking to hear about Katie's ordeal. I texted her as soon as I heard, but I don't think she has her phone.

The Argus: Katie Price and Carl Woods on Good Morning Britain following their engagement Katie Price and Carl Woods on Good Morning Britain following their engagement

"It really struck me, because I love Katie, if it's true that she was assaulted I expect she'll be totally traumatised and would need therapy."

Katie has since been subjected to cruel comments underneath her most recent Instagram post, with some suggesting the incident was a publicity stunt.

The pairs' return to her "Mucky Mansion" comes after it was reported that the case against the mum of five's alleged attacker could be dropped as she "cannot face" going to trial.

The case could be dropped as the 43-year-old believes she is “too mentally fragile” to be questioned over the alleged attack.

A friend of Katie told The Sun: "This is a nightmare situation for Katie.

“She absolutely stands by her account of events of that night given to police, but upon reflection isn’t sure she’s mentally strong enough to go through yet another court appearance.

“She doesn’t want to be dragged through the mill, and her private life scrutinised by all and sundry. Katie doesn’t see any other way out."

Katie claimed that she had been watching TV when the alleged attack happened – and insisted it was “unprovoked”, OK! Magazine reports.

She also claimed that she had run to Harvey’s nearby house after being allegedly attacked.

The former glamour model said she had damaged her feet as a result, as she is still recovering after breaking them both in an accident in Turkey while on holiday last summer.