THERE are proposals to move a primary school in response to an expected reduction in schoolchildren.

Plans to move West Hove Infant School in Connaught Road onto Hove Junior School's Holland Road site will be considered next week.

The move is about a 20 minute walk away and is supported by the current governing bodies of both schools.

They believe such a move would "improve the learning experience for pupils" and "help maximise long-term financial viability".

The plans are, in part, in response to a forecast reduction in primary age pupil numbers across the city over the coming years.

There has also been an increase in parents opting to move their children away from the Connaught Road site mid-year when places at other primary schools have become available.

The governing body believes this is because of the logistical issues of the linked infant and junior school sites being some distance apart.

Brighton and Hove’s lead councillor for schools, Sarah Nield, said: “Both schools have a long history of working closely together. I believe the proposed move would be of benefit to both schools.

“We are also acutely aware of falling pupil numbers across the city, and the need to plan strategically for the future to ensure the viability of all our schools.

"We made parents aware of the relocation plan before the end of last term to give them as much time as possible to consider their views on it.

“We are also mindful that it’s something that would affect families who will be going through the school admissions process for September 2022.”

The proposed move to the Holland Road site would require some minor changes to both the outdoor and indoor spaces. Any changes would be paid for from existing budgets.

It is anticipated that the Connaught Road site will continue to be used for educational purposes by teams from the council’s families, children and learning directorate.

West Hove Infant and Hove Junior schools have agreed to work even more closely together starting this month and are merging into a single governing body called the Hove Learning Federation as of September 10.

The new federation is happening regardless of what is decided in relation to the proposed relocation of the Connaught Road site.

In a joint statement, the chairs of governors at West Hove Infant School and Hove Junior School, Julia Wolage, Louise Wilkinson and Lisa Marshall, said: “The proposed site move would enable us to provide a continuous learning provision from Reception through to Year 6 underpinned by a common ethos, vision and values.

“Our schools have a strong, cohesive working relationship. We are looking forward to an exciting new chapter to further develop and deliver extraordinary education for our children.”

If agreed, the consultation would run from September 20 until 25 October. 25 A number of public information events would be held during this time.

A report considering the feedback from the consultation would then come back to the Children, Young People & Skills Committee committee on November 8.

If the relocation proposal receives final approval, the move would most likely happen early next year.