AN MP has slammed Boris Johnson after he announced a £12 billion-a-year tax raid as his Government broke two major manifesto commitments in a day.

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas said the announcement shows that the conservatives cannot be trusted as they “promise one thing and do another”.

Writing, on Twitter, she said: “Tories won the election on three key promises: A tax pledge, pensions triple lock, getting a good Brexit done (it isn’t).

“Less than two years later, all three pledges have broken.

“That’s why you should never trust Tories. They promise one thing and do another.”

In a Commons statement, the Prime Minister announced a new UK-wide 1.25 per cent health and social care levy based on National Insurance contributions.

He said the additional revenue would pay for the biggest catch-up programme in the history of the NHS in England, with £12 billion a year to help deal with the backlog of cases built up during the pandemic.

It will also cover the reform of the social care system in England, ending what Downing Street described as “unpredictable and catastrophic” care costs faced by many families.

Mr Johnson acknowledged the new health and social care levy breached a Tory election commitment but told MPs “a global pandemic was in no-one’s manifesto”.

From October 2023, anyone with assets under £20,000 have their care costs fully covered by the state, while those with between £20,000 and £100,000 will be expected to contribute to their costs but will also receive state support.

No-one will have to pay more than £86,000 for care costs in their lifetime.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive an additional £2.2 billion in additional health and social care spending from the levy.

In addition to the health and social care levy, there will also be a 1.25 per cent increase in the dividend tax – to ensure those who receive their income from shares also contribute.

Initially, National Insurance contributions will increase by 1.25 per cent from April 2022 as systems are updated.

Before the announcement, Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell Moyle said the rise would hit the “poorest and young hardest”.

In a tweet, he wrote: “Raising national insurance for adult social care raises £5b from employees and hit poorest and young hardest.

“Raising NI cap so those earning £50k+ pay same per cent national insurance as those earning under £50k raises £14b and only “hits” the richest who already pay less per cent than average person - it’s a no brainier.”

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