THE brother of a man who died in the September 11 terror attacks has applied for a new inquest into his death.

Matt Campbell has submitted a 2,500 page application for a new inquest into the death of his younger brother Geoff .

Geoff, 31, was at a conference on the 106th floor of the Northern Tower, which collapsed after being hit by a hijacked plane.

An inquest into his death ruled that he had been unlawfully killed in an "act of terrorism" by al-Qaeda flying aircraft into the towers and causing their "total destruction".

However, Matt believes the buildings collapsed as a result of a controlled demolition - a theory that has been previously dismissed during official investigations.

The Argus: Family of 9/11 victim have filed an application into the death.

He said: "I am not saying who did it or why they did it - obviously I have my opinions - but all my family want is for the truth about how World Trade went down to be common knowledge."

Matt, who lives in Hurstpierpoint, believes there is "significant evidence" which went unheard at the 2013 London inquest into the deaths of Geoff and nine other British citizens.

He has submitted a lengthy application to the Attorney General for evidence to be reviewed.

The application includes letters of support from five other family members who lost loved ones in the destruction of the Twin Towers.

It includes accounts from a number of witnesses who would be willing to give evidence at a fresh hearing.

The Argus: Geoff and his two brothers.

The request is being made under Section 13 of the UK Coroners Act 1988 which allows an inquest to be re-run in the "interests of justice" if substantial new evidence comes to light.

Section 13 was used in 2016 to re-open the inquiry into the deaths of 97 fans in the Hillsborough football stadium disaster.

For a new inquest to be allowed, the family need to show that evidence not considered at the first inquest may lead to a different verdict. There is no burden of proof at this stage.

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