A FREE university in the city has published its first book with the launch of its own publishing house.

The first publication from Free University Brighton (FUB), The Questioning of Intelligence, explores what it means to be intelligent and challenges the current idea that science has proven that we live in an essentially meaningless universe.

Dr John Thornton, artificial intelligence researcher, academic and the book’s author, said: “I have been meaning to write this book for more than a decade.

“It is an inquiry by intelligence, of intelligence and explains why a digital computer cannot and can never be intelligent in the way that we are intelligent, no matter how much processing power or memory you throw at it.

“The book is the culmination of my having studied intelligence, both artificial and natural, for nearly 25 years.”

The university’s publishing house, FUBText, aims to provide an alternative to the profit-driven world of academic publishing and make such texts more accessible to ordinary readers.

FUB organiser Matt Lee said: “Many people complain when reading academic texts that they’re boring, long-winded and they’re right, even their authors would often say so.

“In contrast, FUBText aims to produce work that reflects the diversity of our community, encouraging those who often get passed over in silence to join in the conversation.”

The book will be launched at Exeter Street Hall in Brighton from 2-4pm on September 19, with signed copies available to buy.

Dr Thornton will also run a free ten-week philosophy course based on the book following its launch.

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