A DAY of Compassion is to be held to honour people who have died during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mayor of Brighton and Hove, will oversee a service at the Brighton Dome, in Church Street, honouring people who have lost their lives.

The service will be on October 17 at 4 pm and is part of a city-wide initiative called the "day of compassion".

Councillor Alan Robins, the current mayor, said: "Our city, like so many, has suffered terribly during the pandemic. We cannot quantify the pain, but we all share the sorrow of those who experienced the passing of nearly 500 people - friends and relatives – who died in our city at this time.

"In Brighton and Hove, we have all experienced losses, and the day of compassion allows our city, a place unique for its spirit, to share its sorrows and come together in a gesture of heartfelt kind-heartedness.

"This is the essence of the day and also the service of compassion at the Brighton Dome."

The day is being run by the city's Interfaith Contact Group, which serves as chaplain to the mayor, and represents many of the faith groups in the city.

The Argus: Mayor Cllr Alan Robins credit Hugh FoxMayor Cllr Alan Robins credit Hugh Fox

At the service, there will be a variety of music, uplifting messages, films, memories and recitations.

Between 11 am and 2 pm, the foyer in the Brighton Dome will be open as a place of reflection, with stalls for visitors run by a selection of charities and services that have supported the city throughout the pandemic.

There will be other events being run in the city in the event, such as healing support groups, workshops, exhibitions, music and meditation sessions.

Tickets for the service of compassion are free but must be booked in advance via the Brighton Dome's website or phone line.

No booking is required to visit the place of reflection in the venue's foyer.

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