A CHARITY for armed forces veterans is doing an abseil off the i360 tonight to raise money for the ongoing support and rehabilitation of soldiers.

Care for Veterans, which runs a rehabilitation facility in Worthing, is taking part in the abseil alongside other businesses, tackling the 162-metre drop and raising money for the charity.

In total, 32 people are taking part in the abseil this evening.

Christine Gillott, senior fundraiser at Care for Veterans is one of those doing a freeline drop off the tower.

She said: “It was an opportunity to gather a few brave people and raise some much needed funds really.

“The i360 was a challenge event we thought we could run in the current climate and some of our supporters are desperate to get out there and do something challenging to raise the heart rate slightly.

The Argus: The Care for Veterans team.The Care for Veterans team.

“Family and friends will be down the bottom encouraging and cheering, or jeering. Some people have already told me they will be crying on the way down, other people are just looking to jump off and are really happy about it.

“Some people like really high things and some people are really challenging themselves and that’s why people have sponsored them because they are scared.”

The event, which was postponed in July due to a piece of equipment not arriving in time, is hoping to raise important money for the 60-bed care facility.

Care for Veterans look after veterans of all ages, with their current residents ranging from 34 to 96 years old.

Much of the work involves caring for people with brain injuries or degenerative neurological conditions, such as Parkinson’s.

The charity offer short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, as well as award winning end-of-life palliative care.

For more information on their charity abseil, visit https://www.careforveterans.org.uk/events/idrop/.