COUNCILLOR John Allcock, in his View From Labour column in The Argus, is completely correct with his condemnation of Southern Water.

They continue to carry out serious pollution events and the slaps on the wrists from ever-increasing financial fines do not really seem to bother them.

They have the complete monopoly of water provision and treatment of waste in the area they operate and that is not a good thing for a private company to have.

Where market forces on pricing, choice for consumers and accountability ensure that service provisions are legal, competitive and considerate of their customers and environment, I am all for private companies to have control of said provisions. In the main, they generally prove to be more efficient.

But not in this case.

The South of England population continues to grow which, in my opinion, is not helpful.

The South is getting too overcrowded, the demand on water services will increase.

Lets not kid ourselves, private companies have a primary aim, to maximise profit for their stakeholders.

Fracking for energy also has to stop. As we are told passionately by Kenny Lloyd in his letters to the Argus.

Don't mess around anywhere near the water table. If that goes wrong we could well be up the creek without the paddle.

No clean water, no human life.

Jeremy Corbyn shook politics up. I liked that he did that. He just over-stretched with the promises.

But if a political party vehemently declared in a manifesto that they would categorically nationalise all water companies, I wouldn't need to read anything else.

They would have my vote one hundred per cent.

Gordon White