THE names of two soldiers who were killed in action have been added to a war memorial - more than 50 years after one of them died.

Sergeant Paul Connolly and craftsman Christopher Edgar had their names added to the Crawley War Memorial on Tuesday, September 14.

It is believed their names were omitted from the memorial in St John Church Yard due to an oversight.

Sgt Connolly died in Iraq on December 26, 2004. The 33-year-old was found dead from a bullet wound to the head at the Shaibah base, near Basra.

His body was flown to Crawley for his funeral shortly after.

Craftsman Edgar was killed in Northern Ireland on September 14, 1969 - a month after the British Army was deployed.

The Argus: Two forgotten soldiers’ names added to war memorial in Crawley Two forgotten soldiers’ names added to war memorial in Crawley

Paul Gooderson, from the Armed Forces and Veterans' Breakfast Club for Crawley and Horsham, told the BBC: "The supposition is that the families weren't military families, and they didn't realise that the names should be on there.

"There isn't an organisation that makes sure that the names go on the memorials, so nobody can be at fault. So, all we're really doing is making it right for the families."

Mr Gooderson said Craftsman Edgar, from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, had been awarded the General Service Medal for Northern Ireland, but it was never issued to him.

The Queen Elizabeth Cross, which is given to the next of kin of people who have died for their country, together with the General Service Medal, were presented to Craftsman Edgar's 94-year-old mother Myrtle.

At a ceremony at the war memorial, the two men's names were unveiled by members of their families and the Last Post was played.

Colin Edgar, brother of Craftsman Edgar, and Michelle Friday, sister of Sgt Connolly, also paid tribute at the unveiling on Tuesday.

Sgt Connolly was survived by three children - Sallyanne, Katie and Hannah. He was also due to marry fiancé Louise before his death.

The Argus: Sgt Connolly died in Iraq on December 26, 2004 Sgt Connolly died in Iraq on December 26, 2004

Nicknamed Billy, Sgt Connolly had been in Iraq since October 2004 – just two months before his death.

He had been helping rebuild southern parts of the war-torn country, having joined the Royal Engineers in 1989 and trained as a metalsmith.

As a master welder, he travelled the world, including to Germany, Bosnia, Kosovo, Canada, Kenya and Northern Ireland.

Following his death, Lieutenant Colonel Nick Cavanagh, commanding officer of Sgt Connolly's regiment, described him as "a highly capable soldier and a hugely popular character".

He said Sgt Connolly was highly respected and admired and would be sorely missed.