A PROTEST has been held outside Brighton's Uber office after a driver remained banned for a month despite a claim he had sexually assaulted a passenger being found to be false within days.

A review of CCTV inside the car of full-time driver Islam Rushdi, 39, found the father-of-three was the victim of a false accusation "probably just made to get a refund", according to Brighton and Hove City Council.

Council officials demanded Uber remove the allegation from his personal record and reinstate the driver "as soon as possible".

However, the global rideshare giant failed to do so for nearly a month, leaving Mr Rushdi thousands of pounds out of pocket.

The Argus: Today, members of the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU) staged a protest outside of Uber's office in Eaton Road, Hove.

They waved flags and held speeches to protest "the unfair dismissals and failure to implement Supreme Court ruling on worker rights".

James Farrar, ADCU General Secretary said: "Uber's treatment of Islam Rushdi and other ADCU Brighton members is unacceptable in the modern day.

"Uber are privileged to be allowed to operate in Brighton but in return Brighton and Hove City Council must protect licensed private hire drivers from exploitation."

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The union is demanding that Uber compensate Mr Rushdi for lost earnings for the period and apologise for the length of time he was suspended. They also want to end Uber's "arbitrary and unfair dismissal of drivers in Brighton".

They also demand Uber to "abide by the Supreme Court ruling and pay drivers for all of their working time", and are also calling for them to raise fares to £2 per mile and reduce its commission take from drivers from 25 per cent to 15 per cent.

Speaking previously about his case, Mr Rushdi said: "I think they should be punished for making this false complaint.

The Argus:

"This is one of the most serious allegations you can make about someone, next to murder and rape.

"It could have changed my life, it could have led to suicide.

"I feel I'm very lucky because my CCTV was working."

Uber was contacted for comment.