THIS Burger King has been slammed in Tripadvisor reviews as a "new low" with "cold burgers and cold food".

Dissatisfied customers of Burger King in Kings Road, Brighton, have given 13 one-star reviews to the restaurant.

Taking to Tripadvisor, disgruntled foodies slammed the chain as "disgusting" with "overflowing" sanitary bins and rude staff.

On one occasion, a furious customer claimed the chain ruined their birthday party.

The restaurant received an overall rating of 1.5 stars, with 16 total reviews, one of which was "excellent".

To let you be the judge, we complied some of the worst one-star reviews.

"Very poor hygiene"

"I visited here last Sunday and was disgusted by the lack of hygiene in the bathrooms. There was no toilet paper and the sanitary bin was overflowing!

"We were the only customers there and it wasn't busy so there is no excuse.

"I would be less preoccupied by having to buy something to use the bathroom, than the actual state of the bathroom.

"Especially in the current climate, hygiene should be a top priority."

"Don't honour the dine out discount"

"Got charged £3.49 for six nuggets!

"Not visiting again."

"A new low"

"If you want to imagine what it would like to be to get food from an establishment that actively tries to hate their customers, come here.

"Cold burgers and cold food"

"Avoid if you don't want trouble"

"Had a few drinks with the lads on Saturday night, the weather was terrible so we went to Burger King to get some food and get away from the wind.

"After spending ages waiting in line a fight kicked off both inside then outside.

"We couldn't even leave as we were now trapped inside because the people fighting.

"Won't be going back."

"Slowest fast food ever"

"Waited over 30 minutes for a dry lukewarm burger.

"Really poor quality and I certainly won't be back."