COMEDY character Alan Partridge will be performing in Brighton as part of a new live stage show.

The show, called Stratagem, promises to inform, educate and entertain “in approximately equal measure”.

His performance aims to bring the country together with a message of hope.

In a promotional video for the tour, Alan said: “Today we live in a scissored isle, with Brexit and Covid leaving us less united than ever, but whether you’re a pro-European who’s had the jab, or a Brexiteer who doesn’t believe in vaccines, I want to build a bridge.

“While we don’t always agree, what really binds us as a nation is when we all together can’t stand something, like speed bumps or anything changing.

“So, if you don’t like anything changing or speed bumps, come and see my new stage show."

The character, played by actor Steve Coogan, is a parody of British television personalities and is credited as influencing shows like The Inbetweeners and Peep Show.

Since first appearing on our screens in 1991, the Norwich resident has published two books and starred in a 2013 film.

The new show is devised, written, produced, choreographed, performed and funded by the "multi-decade broadcaster".

He will be appearing at the Brighton Centre on May 8 and 9 next year.

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