A MEMORIAL has been held for a woman who was found dead on a beach.

Blessing Olusegun was 21 when her body was found at Bexhill in September last year.

More than 55,000 people have signed a petition demanding to know what happened to her.

Ahead of an inquest into her death, campaigners held a memorial for the 21-year-old, tracing Blessing's steps through the town on the night she died.

Her mother Esther Abe said she wanted to remember the loving and caring woman her daughter was.

She told the BBC: "We maintain that the circumstances of her death were suspicious and should have been treated as such by the police.

"We need to determine what happened to Blessing and ensure that she gets the justice that she deserves.

"We are working relentlessly with our legal team to ensure we do everything in our power to find the answers we are looking for."

It comes after a hearing in Hastings was told her family will ask to question at least three Sussex Police officers about their investigation at the full inquest.

Senior Coroner for East Sussex Alan Craze told Esther he was concentrating on two possible reasons for her daughter's death.

Wearing a hoodie with "Justice for my Daughter" and Justice for Blessing printed on the back and sleeve, she listened as Mr Craze gave details of his process.

He said: "We know who, how, when and where she died.

"The simple question of the inquest will be how did she come by her death.

"At worst there are four possibilities, natural causes, accident, foul play, suicide.

"There is probably insufficient evidence for natural causes.

"We will probably leave two on the table, accident and suicide.

"The fourth would have been murder.

"The police say it's more likely to be an accident than suicide.

"I may be asked to look into the fourth but that's the way I see the inquest going."

The pre-inquest hearing was told there were three CCTV cameras in the area and two were working.

"The CCTV goes on for five minutes after she passes by and nobody comes and I regard that as quite significant evidence," the coroner said.

Blessing's family have asked to examine more of the footage to establish if anybody else could have come along after.

The business student from south east London was found dead just hours after speaking to her boyfriend on the phone.

She was discovered in the early hours of September 18 near a care home where she was on work placement as a carer for elderly patients with dementia.