A "TENT CITY" in a Brighton park which reportedly formed ahead of an anti-vaccination demonstration looks set to be evicted.

Several tents at East Brighton Park were reportedly pitched as a base ahead of a Covid vaccine protest last month

Those living nearby say the park is being damaged with "camp fires and the like" and called on the council to take action.

Pictures from the scene show several large tents along with a tipi and paddling pool.

Conservative Group housing spokeswoman Mary Mears said: “Our public parks and open spaces should be open, accessible and safe for residents to enjoy.

“Leisure and exercise space is really important as is public safety.

“By encouraging and not dealing with tents and van encampments, the council is creating serious problems and upsetting the residents.

The Argus:

“Yes there is a housing crisis in the city, but my understanding is this encampment includes a politically-motivated action group. The Greens have designated us as a protest city so this no surprise.

“If there are serious housing needs then we have the relevant officers within the city and council to deal with it, as we must remember the government is still providing funding to accommodate all homeless and rough sleepers in the city, as it has done throughout the pandemic.”

There are also reports that a van site has been established in a nearby car park too.

Residents say it's restricting the ability for people to park, and to enjoy the park and the cafe.

When contacted, a city council spokesman said: "The tent campsite appeared at the end of August.

"The council has applied for a possession order and this has been listed for September 27, 2021.

"The application will also cover the vans that are parked in the area."

The Argus:

This comes after a seafront site has been "secured" after evicted vans returned to park there – just days after a court order was made.

The council gained possession of the land at Black Rock car park following a successful application to the county court.

But the caravans, which had been parked at the site for over a year, returned after leaving the area ahead of the Brighton Speed Trials.

Council officials were then forced to "secure" the site after evicting them.