A GROUP of residents have been forced to leave rubbish in their own homes after fly-tippers filled their single communal bin.

The ten flats in Mackie Avenue, Patcham, have been left with one general waste bin between them.

One resident said that people living nearby have been using the bin to dispose of their own waste.

Simon Stothart, 38, said that the bin being on the street is an “invitation” for fly-tippers.

He said that he has witnessed people dumping their garden waste in it, with builders even seen leaving waste in the bin.

The Argus: The ten flats have one general waste bin and two recycling bins.The ten flats have one general waste bin and two recycling bins.

Simon said locals are having to store rubbish in their houses now and that he is contemplating getting a lock and key for him and his neighbours to use.

He said: “We’re having to keep all rubbish inside our house which isn’t hygienic or convenient.

“There used to be four bins, that’s now been developed and two houses have been built on there so they have taken away three of the bins and given us one bin for ten flats.

The Argus: The old communal bins area before the housing development.The old communal bins area before the housing development.

“Certain people in the area are using our bins, even the builders are putting building waste in there.”

Since the recent building development, the general waste and recycling bins have been permanently on the street free for anyone to use.

Pictures sent to The Argus show how the bins, which were emptied last Friday, were completely full by Tuesday.

The Argus: The bin on Tuesday.The bin on Tuesday.

A Brighton Council spokesman said that the residents were provided a lock and key for their bins, although Simon claims this is “nonsense”.

The spokesman said: “This bin did originally have a lock on it, and all ten residents were given a key so they could unlock and lock the bin after using it.

“We will be contacting the residents to discuss the situation over the lock and keys to hopefully resolve the situation.

“We would also encourage residents to report any fly-tipping issues to our enforcement team at Environmental.Enforcement@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

“An officer would then attend and investigate the waste which could lead us to being able to identify and possibly prosecute those responsible for the fly tipping.”

Residents say that at the time of writing, Brighton Council are yet to contact them about installing a lock and key or providing more bins.

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