Elvis tribute singer Jim Devereaux couldn't believe his eyes when his internet date turned out to be the spitting image of Presley's wife Priscilla.

The 23-year-old trainee IT engineer and Hannah Davies, a 22-year-old administrator, insist it is pure coincidence that they look like the world's most famous rock and roll couple.

They turn heads everywhere they go and members of the audience at Jim's 'This is Elvis' shows are for ever staring at the couple and asking questions.

The two met through the social networking site MySpace in March last year but at that stage saw only thumbnail-size pictures of each other and neither made the connection.

It was only when they met face to face for the first time three weeks later that the similarity was spotted - but not by them.

Jim said: "It didn't occur to me at first but then a friend said 'My God, Hannah looks just like Priscilla'. Later, I saw Priscilla in the film Naked Gun and again I saw Hannah's face. It was amazing."

Jim, who lives in Brighton, has a wardrobe filled with Elvis suits, one worth £2,000, but he said: "We don't live the Elvis life - I mean, I love the King and he's a big part of my life but I'm really just an actor and play and sing like him on stage.

"When we are away from gigs Hannah and I are just a regular couple. We are who we are."

Hannah bought Elvis CDs and swatted up on the King and his music to impress Jim on their first date. She loves both Jim and his alter ego.

Jim's mother Jill, 56, believes her son's interest in Elvis began even before he was born.

She said: "I was pregnant with him when I went to see a play about Elvis, written by his father and my former husband Steve. There were a couple of Elvis songs played and I think the music must have somehow got through to Jamie - that's what I call him - in the womb.

"Jamie was actually quite quiet when he was young boy but he's emerged a very confident man. He really is a great tribute artist, although I would say that wouldn't I? But, no, he has picked up all the little nuances of Elvis's style and he is a tremendous performer."

One of Jim's earliest memories is playing his parents' 40 greatest Elvis hits albums and studying the King's photograph on the cover.

As a young boy, he would listen over and over to Presley's greatest hits, Jailhouse Rock, Hound Dog, Love Me Tender and Blue Suede Shoes.

He said: "I'd sit in the living room playing the music and sometimes dancing - and I have never tired of his great songs."

Hannah, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, goes to as many of Jim's shows as she can and has grown to love Elvis's music in the process - but not necessarily the star himself.

She said she would have found the real Elvis physically attractive but she didn't think much of his personality or habits, especially his alleged womanising. She said: "And I wouldn't have been drawn to him because of his money either. Jim is a much nicer man."

Jim said: "Physically, I think Hannah is just like Priscilla but Hannah is one hundred times better."

The two are in love and have been together for nearly a year now and if they do eventually tie the knot and start a family then they've already made one promise to each other: If they produce a baby daughter they won't be naming her after Presley's Lisa Marie.

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