THE Green Party was put in power on Brighton and Hove City Council to reduce our CO2.

It was put in power to promote healthier, more sustainable travel.

This would mean more cycle lanes, attempts to reduce car usage. More use of greener, public transport.

So Amy Heley has been doing exactly what she was put in her position to do.

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There has obviously been some friction. And in the heat of the moment, people have not seen eye to eye.

The Old Shoreham Road, as was clear straight away, was like the epicentre of the battle to make our roads safer and greener.

During Covid the cycle lane was put in. Many loved it. Many hated it.

It meant a lot to a lot of people. Including Cllr Heley.

Yes, she may have had moments where she might have connected with the opposing view better. But she read out letters of affected people to make the strongest point possible.

Whether you agree with her and the cycle lane or not - she was doing a good job in making a strong point there.

At other moments she has upset people.

But she is fighting her corner, for the sake of the planet and what she truly believes in.

In 20 years we may regret not giving her more support.