LABOUR Party chairwoman Anneliese Dodds dropped into the Rampion Wind Farm visitor centre after her trip out to sea was cancelled.
The shadow minister for women and equalities learned more about the wind farm - and even wore a VR headset to experience the view from one of the turbines.
She had been due to go on a boat trip to see the turbines but delays to her train from London and blustery conditions at sea meant it was cancelled.
Ms Dodds said it was time for bold action to tackle the climate emergency and that offshore wind projects, like the Rampion wind farm, have an important role to play in helping reducing emissions.

She said: “There is no question that we must change very radically to tackle emissions. As we do so, there is enormous potential to be generating new green jobs and also decarbonising jobs in existing industries as well.

“The UK has lagged behind many other countries in this area, unfortunately, and at a place like this, you see how much we can do and achieve. We need the government to be backing the development of those renewables far more strongly.

“Offshore wind has been a real success story of the UK’s energy system over recent years, but ultimately we need to see the rest of our economy catching up and we’ve not seen enough action from the Conservative government.”

Her visit came amid huge queues for fuel at petrol stations across Sussex, with several pumps being forced to close after running out of supply.

Ms Dodds said the government needed to “get a grip on this situation.”

She said: “We’ve seen chaos around the gas supply - now we’re seeing similar concerns around the petrol supply as well, and ultimately the government really should be working with those resilience forums that are in place in different regions.

“They should be ensuring that it will be possible to get the critical supplies through to those who need them, so Labour is really urging the government to actually engage with that resilience infrastructure to keep the country moving."

Labour supporters and MPs, including party leader Keir Starmer, are gathering in Brighton for the party conference, which starts this weekend.

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