I SPENT a few hours in East London yesterday. I walked around the area of Stratford International Station, East Village, the Westfield shopping mall, the parks, etc.

It was a very enjoyable experience. The streets were clean, and there were visible workers sweeping up and making sure litter was collected.

The green areas were mown and weeded and looked cared for.

I returned to Brighton Station and took the bus to Hove. The contrast was very stark.

The streets along Western Road were filthy and strewn with litter. There were beggars and rough sleepers in many doorways.

The trees along the road were surrounded by long grass and weeds and green areas were unkempt and uncared for.

The many closed-down shops were understandable due to Covid, but I can't see many people rushing to open new businesses along roads that are so dirty, shabby and neglected. Why would they?

If East London can look after their streets and parks, why can't we?

Surely we want to attract visitors and make the city as clean and tidy as we can - both for tourists and for our long-suffering residents who pay huge council taxes.

Catherine Fernley