A PROGRAMME to help people stop smoking is providing smokers with access to free specialist assistance to quit as part of the annual Stoptober programme.

The 28 day challenge, which is being run by the One You East Sussex programme, is giving people access to its online and telephone support service.

People who sign up will receive regular support calls from a team of specialist "quit coaches" and can be supported with nicotine replacement therapy, if necessary, to give them the best chance of going smoke-free for good.

One You East Sussex will also be offering people who sign up to the stop smoking pathway free e-cigarettes as a means of helping people quit smoking for good.

The Argus:

Tanya Sutton, specialist stop smoking team lead at One You East Sussex said it has “got to be worth giving it a go.”

She said: “Statistics show us that around 68% of regular smokers want to quit. That means there could be around 54,000 smokers in East Sussex who want to give up. This 28 day programme gives them the perfect opportunity to do so.”

“We have already seen with previous participants that within 48 hours your ability to taste and smell improves; breathing becomes easier and energy levels increase after 72 hours, after a month, your appearance improves, and between three and nine months after stopping coughs and breathing problems improve as your lung function is increased by up to 10%.

As part of the programme, remote telephone appointments can be arranged at any time including evening and weekends.

One You East Sussex also offers other programmes for local residents around weight management, eating more healthily, reducing alcohol intake and becoming more physically active.

Anyone interested in quitting smoking with the support of One You East Sussex can call them on 01323 404600 or sign up on their website.

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