AMID the fuel panics there have been some unfortunate incidents of fuel station staff suffering assault.

And remember verbal assault is still assault.

It is imperative that the retail companies put in more security to include cover of fuel stations.

Assaults including verbal also need to be logged with the police. Reporting incidents to police does not oblige one to make things formal but it does give the police a picture of what is going on and thus potential for more police coverage and police resource in one's community.

This also highlights the case for more robust statutory safeguards.

As vendors the retail workers have to apply many rules and regulations including on sale of fuel. Therefore assault needs to be seen as obstructing retail workers in their duties.

Finally there is a case for key workers being given priority at the pumps. Key workers also include the retail workers.

The country needs to be kept fed - and not to mention fuelled.

John Barstow


Member, Usdaw Executive Council