Caroline Lucas has praised the election of a new leadership team for the Green Party as a “great result.”

Bristol councillor Carla Denyer and former deputy leader Adrian Ramsey were elected with almost 62 per cent of the vote in the second round.

In a tweet, Ms Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion and former Green Party leader, offered her “huge congratulations” to the two co-leaders and said they are “taking over at such an exciting time for the Green Party.”

During the campaign, the pair received support from Brighton councillor Alex Phillips, author Andrew Simms and Ms Lucas herself.

However, they faced stiff competition from the current deputy leader of the party Amelia Womack and Extinction Rebellion co-founder Tamsin Omond.

Had Tamsin been elected, they would have been the first trans person to lead a UK political party.

Mr Ramsey and Ms Denyer ran on a platform of building up the party into a “real electoral force”, winning power and influence in England and Wales, and “transforming society to create a brighter future for all.”

The leadership election was triggered after the resignation of co-leader Jonathan Bartley, citing the need for a new leadership team to have time to “get used to the role” ahead of the next general election.

Sian Berry also announced her resignation shortly afterward, claiming the party had become inconsistent in its approach towards trans rights.

This was in part triggered by the selection of Shahrar Ali as a spokesperson for the party, whose views on the issue proved divisive, with the youth wing of the party calling for him to be removed over comments made about LGBT people.

Mr Ali also ran for the leadership, attracting 21 per cent of the vote and failing to make it through to the second round of the contest.

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