OLDER residents are living in fear as people with alcohol and drugs problems have moved into sheltered housing.

Hangleton and Knoll councillor Dawn Barnett told members of the city council's housing committee that residents have told her homeless people with serious substance abuse problems have moved into accommodation for the over 55s.

She said former homeless people who were in hostels now live in sheltered housing with no additional support.

During a meeting on Wednesday, she said: “I’ve got a home in my ward where three people have been placed in there that are alcoholics and it’s disturbing all the residents because the whole corridors smell of booze, and they’re really upset.

“It’s no good just giving someone a flat and saying ‘now get on with it’, they’re not capable of getting on with it, they need help.

“It’s no good trying to bring the numbers down by saying you’re giving them somewhere to live.

"They end up tormenting every other resident in that block

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She said former homeless people who were either in hostels or on the streets needed more support and help, despite receiving decorated flats with new carpets and cookers.

Her long-standing residents felt the city council ignored them.

Residents are also concerned about drug dealing outside the sheltered flats, which committee chairwoman Councillor Siriol Hugh-Jones said she hoped was reported to the police.

Conservative councillor Mary Mears confirmed drug dealing and cuckooing, where dealers take over the flats of vulnerable people, is happening now.

She said: “We’re relocating very vulnerable people into accommodation without 24-hour support, and it is seriously affecting other residents and needs to be addressed to be dealt with urgently.”