A POLICE officer says diversifying the force will help to increase trust and confidence among people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

PC Ramon Vaughan-Williams, who joined Sussex Police as a new recruit last year, told The Argus that he believes the police have the ability to make a “real difference” within the black community.

His comments come after the force opened its applications for new police officers as part of its commitment to bolster officer numbers across the county.

The Argus: Brighton PC Ramon VaughanBrighton PC Ramon Vaughan

The police constable said he would like to see more people from BAME background apply to be an officer so the force is more reflective of the community it serves.

PC Vaughn-Williams said: “I moved to Brighton in 2015, and I didn’t see many black officers, so I thought ‘right, let’s change that.’ So, I joined.

“What better way to wake up and think I know I’m going out there to make a difference.

“Policing is like no other job. Every day is different.

“I wanted to join the organisation to discuss how to work with and converse with the black community because they do need support.

“Brighton is known as London by the sea and it’s very diverse and multi-cultural. That needs to be reflected within the police force and that’s why I’m here. I’m living proof.”

PC Vaughn-Williams, 41, previously worked in schools supporting children with their social care needs and helping with P.E classes.

He said engaging with children from a young age is “key” to helping them have a constructive and positive relationship with the police.

He said: “For me, I see the world very differently because I’ve got kids, so for me joining the police, I thought what better way to join and try and make a difference with the black community.

“I’m looking at the bigger picture for the future of the kids and we do need more BAME candidates within the force.

“When I was little, we used to have officers coming into schools for career days and we need to go back to that.

“When we see a child waving, wave back and smile because that keeps in their memory.

“I had a child do just this the other day and his face looking back at me was a picture. I spoke to his mum and she said for him, as a black boy to see a black officer, made his day.

“That’s what it’s about – going back to basics.”

The force’s latest recruitment window opened in September welcoming applications over the next two weeks and encouraging members of the community to consider a career in policing.

Sussex Police will grow by 117 officers, building on the additional 129 constables welcomed to the force in 2020/21

Recruitment will close on Monday 11 October and it is expected there will be a high volume of applications. Therefore apply now and help make a real difference to your community.

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