A BUSKER who was given a shoutout by Justin Bieber has hinted that he will soon be making a major announcement.

Sam Tompkins, from Brighton, took to social media to tell his fans about an upcoming news.

It comes after the Canadian superstar revealed that his "favourite new song" was by Sam.

Fans hope that Sam's announcement could involve the Sorry and Baby singer.

In a tweet, Sam said: “On Thursday, I will be making what is probably the biggest announcement of my career to date.

“I am as scared as I am excited.”

The musician began his career by busking on the streets of Brighton – primarily Bond Street and Ship Street.

In August, Justin - one of the highest-selling artists of all-time - gave a shout-out to Brighton-born musician on his Instagram page.

He encouraged his 188 million followers to listen to Sam's single (W)hole.

Following Sam’s social media teaser, his fans were quick to give their thoughts on what the announcement might be – with many hoping for more links to Justin.

“Buzzing you’re going on tour with JB, congrats bro,” one fan wishfully said.

Another said: “So excited and proud.”

In a previous interview with The Argus, Sam praised his hometown for giving him a platform to share his work.

“I owe a lot to Brighton and the people that inhabit it for lifting me up so early in my career and consistently since,” he said.

“I’m just super grateful I am getting to live my dream like this.”

Sam’s song (W)hole was released in August. The track explores Sam’s feelings about the current state of the world.

“At times it does feel hopeless and when you look around there is so much dividing us with one another, but the only way to get things on track is to work together,” he said.