A BBC reporter was lost for words last night as she was interrupted by several men shouting vulgar sexual terms on live TV.

Fiona Irving was covering Brighton and Hove's bin strikes yesterday evening when seven men ran across the camera shouting and jeering.

One man was seen to shout "f*** her right in the p****" while the others cheered and ran past.

Warning this video contains language that some viewers may find offensive.

She was left speechless and the live broadcast was cut short and returned to the studio where newsreader Chrissy Reid apologised, saying: "Oh dear, apologies about the interruption there".

Fiona later tweeted following the broadcast: "Reporting live on the refuse collectors strike in #Brighton today when around 7 men jumped in front of the camera shouting aggressive and threatening terms. It’s not funny. It’s misogynistic. Just calling it out."

Others have taken to the social media platform to call out the behaviour with one user tweeting: "Turned on the bbc news after a week where @BorisJohnson acknowledged that misogyny is a problem but he won’t do anything about it to see this…"

Many Twitter users have replied to Irving's tweet offering support and branding the behaviour as "disgusting" and "shameful".

Fiona was in Brighton to report on the first day of the industrial strike action by binmen in the city for BBC South East Today. 

The GMB trade union strike is set to continue for another two weeks after last minute talk with Brighton and Hove City Council fell through. 

Fiona showed viewers two almost full bins outside a property which had been put out in the hopes of being collected when she was interrupted.

The on-air interruption comes as women's safety is under fresh scrutiny following the deaths of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa. 

The Prime Minister has since said that while he acknowledges misogyny to be a problem, he rejects calls by activists to class it as a hate crime

He said making communities safer and allowing women to feel safe walking home at night was his "number one priority" but that making it a hate crime would "overload" the justice system.

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said on BBC Breakfast this morning: "Misogyny is absolutely wrong whether it is a man against a woman or woman against a man."

This comment has lead to Labour MP Preet Kaur Gill commenting that Mr Raab should know that misogyny refers to hatred of or prejudice against women.

She tweeted: “This is deeply insulting! @DominicRaab should know the difference this is making a mockery of a very serious issue that women face.”

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