THIS is the face of the medical student who carried out a "premeditated, malicious and harrowing" attack on his ex-girlfriend.

Milad Rouf knocked on the door of his former colleague and girlfriend before throwing sulphuric acid in her face when she answered.

Rouf had travelled from his home Cardiff to carry out the attack, disguising himself as a woman.

He then knocked on the door of Dr Rym Alaoui's home in Brighton and handed her a note.

The Argus: Face of acid attacker Milad Rouf.Face of acid attacker Milad Rouf.

As she was reading it, the 25-year-old threw sulphuric acid at her before running away.

Afterwards he removed his costume which he disposed of in bins around Brighton seafront before buying new clothing in another attempt to conceal his identity.

Dr Alaoui suffered life changing injuries to her face, neck and chest.

Lewes Crown Court heard today that she is unable to close her eyes or move her neck and has lost the sight in her right eye.

Sussex police branded the attack as a malicious incident and has commended Dr Alaoui on her bravery.

Investigating officer Rose Horan said: “This was a premeditated, malicious and harrowing incident, and I’d like to thank the victim for showing such incredible bravery and dignity throughout. She has been inspirational."

Rouf has today been sentenced to 15 years in prison for causing grievous bodily harm with intent and using sulphuric acid with intent to burn, maim, disfigure or disable.

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