A KYLIE MINOGUE superfan said he was “blown away” after getting the chance to speak to his idol on the radio.

During an appearance by the Australian singer on BBC Radio Two, photographer Simon Pepper seized his opportunity to call the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show and ask his idol a question.

Simon, who lives in Hove, asked Kylie what her favourite British seaside town in the UK is and why, and to his delight, her answer was Brighton.

The Argus: Simon as a teen surrounded by his Kylie postersSimon as a teen surrounded by his Kylie posters

The 46-year-old, who has been a fan of Kylie for more than 30 years, said he was in the Royal Pavilion when he received a call from the BBC to let him know he would be speaking to the songstress on the radio.

He said: “I was a bit blown away by it all to be honest, but it’s Kylie. She’s so down to earth and very sweet. It was fantastic – really, really, really great.”

Photographer Simon says she has been a fan of Kylie since his early teens and had posters of the star covering his bedroom wall.

The Argus: Simon, who lives in Hove, met Kylie Minogue in 2018Simon, who lives in Hove, met Kylie Minogue in 2018

In 2018, he met his idol for the first time at an exclusive album signing at HMV in London’s Oxford Street.

He said: “I won a ticket through HMV and there were 300 lucky winners. It was the first time I’d met her in 30 years of being a fan.

“She signed my arm, signed my album, and I gave her a high-five. I got to back Brighton at about 6am in the morning and got a tattoo of the signature on my arm done a few days later.

The Argus: Photographer Simon is to open an exhibition, including photographs of his exhibition, later this yearPhotographer Simon is to open an exhibition, including photographs of his exhibition, later this year

“She’s just gorgeous. She’s so down to earth and she’s brilliant at everything. She’s a really good all-rounder and she’s a legend.”

At Brighton Pride in 2019, Simon said he was “thrilled” to have the opportunity to photograph Kylie during her headline performance in Preston Park.

Simon’s photographs of Kylie, along with his shots of other stars performing at Pride, including Grace Jones and Nile Rogers, will be featured at an exhibition at the Ledward Centre in Jubilee Square later this year.

Simon said: “It’s my first exhibition so I have my fingers crossed but it’s all looking really good.

“I’m currently making my final selection and getting everything printed and framed.

“Many different artists will be feature but hopefully Kylie will be the centrepiece.

“I was just so lucky to photograph her at Pride; it was something of the checklist.

“I’d love to do an album cover from Kylie one day.”

To find out more about Simon’s exhibition and to view his work, you can visit his Instagram page at @simonpepperphotography.

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