PETER JAMES’ crime thriller Looking Good Dead is to make its stage debut in Brighton next week.

The production, which stars EastEnders stalwart Adam Woodyat and fellow soap star Gaynor Faye, will begin a six-day run at the Theatre Royal in New Road on Monday.

International bestselling Sussex author Peter James said the play, which has already visited theatres in Southampton and Leeds, said he is thrilled the production has finally made its way to the city.

The Argus: Adam Woodyatt appears in the stage version of Looking Good Dead by Peter JamesAdam Woodyatt appears in the stage version of Looking Good Dead by Peter James

He said: “The play’s been on tour for the last few months, but when it comes to Brighton, it’s always a very special moment for me.

“We always have our biggest audience in Brighton, and I have a history with the Theatre Royal.

“My parents when I was a child used to have regular seats around four back from the front of the stalls and I used to go from the age of nine and I always used to look up at the curtain rows and dream that one day something would be there that I had written.

The Argus: Gaynor Faye appears in the stage version of Looking Good Dead by Peter JamesGaynor Faye appears in the stage version of Looking Good Dead by Peter James

“This is now the fifth stage play we have had that has come to the Theatre Royal, but it’s every bit as exciting as the first time it happens. I can’t wait.”

The show, which has been adapted by playwright Sean McKenna, follows Tom (Woodytt) and the Bryce family.

With the family business going under and secrets of the past resurfacing, Tom inadvertently becomes a witness to a vicious murder.

Reporting the crime to the police has disastrous consequences, placing him and his family in grave danger.

Peter said theatregoers can expect a night filled with “suspense and tension” and moments that even the most avid fans of the novel will be surprised by.

He said: “We’ve been getting fantastic reviews, probably the best of any of the plays and we are blessed because the cast is great.

“One of the themes I like in the book it is based on I call the everyday sinister, just things that have happened to ordinary and decent people.

“It’s the whole idea that no good deed goes unpunished.

“What we’ve done with all the plays is change them enough so that even if someone has read the book and think they know how it’s going to end, they find that they don’t, and I love that.”

Looking Good Dead will be performed at the Theatre Royal Brighton from Monday, October 11 to Saturday, October 16.

Tickets are available from £13.00 and can be purchased here

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