FATBOY Slim and Zoe Ball’s son Woody Cook says his celebrity parents have “cut him off” financially.

Speaking at the Attitude Awards last week, the 20-year-old claimed he is so short on cash that he can barely afford a loaf of bread.

While his mother is one of the BBC’s highest-paid radio presenters and his father Fatboy Slim, real name Norman Cook, is a renowned DJ, Woody told The Mirror his parents are making him work to earn a living.

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“My parents make it clear that I was born into a privilege they have had to work their ass off to get,” he said.

"My parents have cut me off completely. They are like, 'Do you want to be a trust fund child, or do you want to work?' I want to work, so I am now self-sufficient.”

The Argus: Woody Cook Woody Cook

He went on to highlight the difficulties he has faced earning money “all by myself”.

"The other day, I couldn't afford bread, but I'm working through it," he said.

Zoe and Norman married in 1999, before divorcing in 2016. The former couple are also parents to 11-year-old Nelly.

Earlier this year, Nelly performed her first live festival DJ set at Bestival.

She performed under the stage name Fat Girl Slim.

Meanwhile, Woody, who appeared in the hit TV-show The Circle, says that he prides himself on not being like other celebrity offspring.

"A bouncer said to me, 'I knew you were coming, and I didn't want to like you. I've seen the Brooklyn Beckhams, I've seen the s***, but I met you, and you buck the trend,” he said.

The Argus: Woody Cook Woody Cook

Woody made a fashion statement at the Attitude Awards last week, showing up wearing a ball gown.

The dress was white and covered in black graffiti, with words such as "act normal" featuring on it.

His mother Zoe shared a proud tribute to her son on social media, with a series of pictures from the event.

"Our boy wonder @woody_cook rocking the @attitudemag awards wearing @ollihull and meeting his hero @russelltdavies63," she said in an Instagram post.