A MOTHER who was forced to use a "revolting" public toilet to avoid wetting herself has slammed the facility as a "health and safety hazard".

Alison DuBois had no option but to use the "appalling" loo on Boundary Road, Portslade, that had no lock or toilet seat when she was desperate.

A medical condition means the mother was given an ultimatum - use the horrific toilet or "wet herself".

Taking to Facebook to share her disgust, Mrs DuBois posted a video of the public toilet that left users grimacing in horror.

Dark and dirty looking grout can be seen on the floor while smashed tiles are on the walls.

A single tap in the sink appears to have almost fallen off with Mrs DuBois fearing it could cause "flooding".

Speaking to The Argus, Mrs DuBois said the facility is in desperate need of a makeover.

She said: "I can understand we have a lot going on but why does this particular public toilet have so many health and safety issues?

The Argus: The broken tap could cause 'flooding'The broken tap could cause 'flooding'

"When I went to wash my hands it felt that the tap was going to fall off and the place was going to flood.

"One toilet with no lock, hazardous flooring and no toilet seat.

"This public toilet by Portslade Station needs a major makeover.

"Surely there is maybe someone that is willing to lend a hand and help restore it and put some good faith in humanity, even if it is just a repaint?

"I knew that it was bad in there which is why I won't go in unless I really have to but I suffer badly with toilet issues, and I will never let my children use them either but it was either use them or wet myself."

It comes months after Brighton and Hove City council said it was "sorry" for dirty seafront toilets which were described as being like an "ice rink of p***".

The public facilities on Hove seafront were branded a "health hazard" after the urinals overflowed, covering the floor in urine.

It was feared that a "child or old person" could fall over inside the Western Esplanade loos, just along the coast from Rockwater.

A council spokesman said: “We recognise that the Station Road public toilets in Portslade have seen better days.

“We are spending £2.7 million on refurbishing 11 public toilets in the city. Station Road is one of these.

“We will be fixing the tap as soon as we can."