SKATERS are going to take part in a night-long skill show to raise money for a youth centre's skatepark.

Lewes Old Grammar School pupils Raf Knight, 13, Zac Reeve, 14, Monty Capildeo, 13 and Otis Child, 12, will take part in a sponsored ten-hour nighttime endurance skate on November 6, which will start at 10pm and see the boys perfecting their skills throughout the challenge.

The schoolboys, who fell in love with skateboarding during lockdown, want to give back to the sport by kickflipping and ollieing, skateboard tricks, to raise money.

The money raised by the boys and 16 other boarders will go towards improving facilities at Brighton's only indoor skatepark.

Zac said: "We used to meet up during lockdown, and that's when we really got into skateboarding. Now we really enjoy going down to Brighton Youth Centre because it's a great place to do the sport safely.

"They do sessions by age group, so that means no giant adults crashing into you by mistake.

"They also provide boards and protective gear for people who don't have them, which we think is fantastic because it opens out the sport to everyone. "

"We are all hoping to raise a few hundred pounds each – if we manage to stay awake", Raf added.

Brighton Youth Centre's park in Edward Street, is open to people of all ages and abilities and features obstacles of different sizes and difficulties, so it is suitable for all levels.

Protective headgear and boards are provided free of charge, and tuition courses have seen hundreds of new boarders develop in Brighton.

Lewes Old Grammar School headmaster Robert Blewitt said: "What I love is that these boys developed a passion for something during what was a really challenging time for everyone.

"Now they are doing something to make that sport more available to others. We are really proud of them and hope they can stay awake all the way through."

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