RESIDENTS across the city are urging people to leave their rubbish more responsibly to keep pavements clear and rodents away as the bin strike continues.

Some people have been clearing rubbish themselves, while one business owner in Hanover hired a private refuse company to clear the rubbish at their next door neighbours.

The industrial action, which has been called by the GMB Union, is supposed to last until November 25, after the union announced the walk out to be extended for five weeks yesterday.

This came after the union called for Brighton and Hove City Council to replace their negotiating team, who they said they had “lost confidence” in the council after talks last week.

With the strike in its second week, some people have taken matters into their own hands.

Residents in Palmeira Square, Brighton, have urged people to double bag their rubbish and said people should go to the tip if possible.

Judith Taylor, a resident in Palmeira Square, said some people spent “hours” cleaning up the rubbish yesterday.

She said: “Our idea was to double bag the rubbish, where it had been dumped around the bins on the pavement and the road.

The Argus: The double-bagged rubbish at Palmeira Square.The double-bagged rubbish at Palmeira Square.

“Our preferred strategy at the moment is to make sure the rubbish is as clean and safe as possible by double bagging it.

“If you’re able go to the tip, I have been twice. I had a little five minute queue yesterday, other than that it was okay.”

While the owner of a café bar called the Village, in Hanover, paid for bins to be privately collected and disposed of for his neighbour.

Kelly Tompkins said on Facebook that “community spirit is not dead” and thanked the pub owner for doing such a “nice thing”.

Meanwhile, other people have asked for people to store their overfilling rubbish more responsibly.

One lady who cleared a pile of exposed rubbish said people need to use “common sense”.

The Argus: Before (left) and after the resident cleared the exposed rubbish (right).Before (left) and after the resident cleared the exposed rubbish (right).

She said: “Recycling is not actually recycling if it is in an open carrier bag which then spills across the pavement. It’s litter.

“Keep it at home for now if you are genuinely concerned about the environment. And if you don’t pile the rubbish up on the pavement, it’s no longer an obstruction for people with pushchairs or using walking aids.”

"There’s disgusting, and then there is disgusting... I mean food waste spilling out of carrier bags".

Another person in Kemptown said people need to keep rubbish off pavements so people in wheelchairs can get past.

The strike is currently in its eighth day, with GMB Union’s Sussex branch stating that there is “still no breakthrough” in negotiations.

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